What we do...

We offer ICT Consultation and Services for a wide range of challenges and solutions.

ICT Consultation

We offer consultation for Data Center, Networking, Security, Hardware, ERP, Point of Sale and many other ICT solutions.

Have a challenge to tackle? We will work with you to find a solution.

Domain Registration

Need to make your mark on the internet? Then get the domain name that is right for you. We register and maintain domain names with major registrars.

Get your brand new domain name starting at GY$ 5,500 per year1.

DNS Hosting

Let us handle the technicality and overhead to manage your domain's DNS. We will host, maintain and update your DNS records ensuring your DNS is always functioning optimally.

DNS Hosting starts at GY$ 2,000 per year per domain.
GY$ 600 per year per domain if you register your domain with us.

Web Hosting

Having a great domain name is just part of the equation. We offer several hosting packages that can be customized to your needs.

Host your awesome website starting at GY$ 13,500 per year2. Server-side scripting and database hosting starts at GY$ 17,000 per year3.

All hosting packages includes Let’s Encrypt™ SSL Certificate4.

Virtual Private Servers

Have a custom application/service that needs be available in the cloud? Then virtual private servers (VPS) can get the job done.

We will design, build and host virtual private servers that best suit your requirements. Let us worry about the complexity of VPS and other cloud services leaving you free to focus on your project.

Email Hosting

Emails are an essential communication channel for professional and efficient business operations. We offer email hosting with your own domain name5 for all business sizes.

Email accounts starts at GY$ 1,100 per month and includes 5 GB storage. Additional storage options also available.


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1. Price depends on market price for your domain at time of registration. Starting price stated is for the first year, renewal price may vary. Domain registration does not include DNS hosting, refer to our DNS Hosting services.
2. Basic and static website with no server-side scripting or database. High traffic and heavy content websites will be assessed and quoted for best value. 
3. Linux hosting with PHP server-side scripting and MySQL database. Resource intensive websites with databases will be assessed and quoted for best value.
4. Let’s Encrypt™ is a trademark of the Internet Security Research Group. All rights reserved.
5. Domain registration required if not already registered. Domains registered by other registrars can also be used.

ICT Consultation and Services including Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, DNS Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and much more! Contact us today to get started.